Here are just a few of the great things our customers are saying about Academic Online Tutoring and Learning Center:

I am so grateful that my daughter was able to connect with a tutor who really understands how to teach. She actually enjoys math now! - Monica S.

Thanks to your program, my son actually looks forward to his Math homework! Contacting Academic Online Tutoring is one of the smartest things I have ever done. - Robert N.

My tutor was fantastic! He was very helpful and able to break it down to where I could understand and follow along. I can't thank you enough! - S. Shah

What I really like about your service is that you didn't do my son's homework for him... You showed him how to solve it on his own, and to become an independent learner. - A. Turner

Alex helped my son achieve an A in his first year Physics course, and he's very flexible and fun to work with as well. We'll be back for Chemistry help next term. Thanks so much for being there! - J. Korchinski

Your tutoring program helped me a lot. Having someone explain math to me, one-on-one, was the best way for me to learn, and I caught on quickly.- Chris P



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